Our Story

RHEST is a women-led nonprofit organization established in 1993 to combat girl trafficking and fight child marriage and exploitation by emphasizing women's health and educating women and children on better nutrition. RHEST coordinates with five local partner organizations and more than 50 local volunteers in 18 districts.


An educated Nepali society that is free from girl trafficking, early marriage, and violence against girls and womenand where access to reproductive health is freely available.


To reduce social malpractices such as girl trafficking, early marriage, forced labor, domestic violence, and sexual abuse through education and promotion of overall women’s health


- To provide direct support to educate more than 15,000 girls from SGT and Amar programs in five years. - To continue providing mobile reproductive health clinics to thousands of women, funds for surgical intervention for hundreds of women suffering from uterine prolapse, and
- To train health workers on women’s reproductive health.