Stop Girl Trafficking

Tens of thousands of Nepalese girls and women are trafficked each year. They end up in brothels as sex workers or in homes and factories as slaves. They are trafficked within Nepal and to countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UAE.

Nepal is traditionally a patriarchal society where women in general and girl children, in particular, are treated as second-class citizens. While this is changing in the cities and…

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Women’s Health

Economic, environmental and cultural factors combine to result in a myriad of reproductive health issues which affect Nepalese women, particularly those in rural areas. Lack of education in general and awareness of reproductive health problems in particular, 4 Color Travel 2 in 1 Pet Food Water Bottle with Bowl Dual Chambered Storage Container with Collapsible Dog Pet Cup Pet Supplies and a strongly patriarchal society where such ‘women’s issues’ are not discussed openly, mean that…

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